The Story of Mira: territory, quality, design


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The land of Maremma, in southern Tuscany, is characterized by green hills covered in vineyards and olive groves, charming fields with haystacks, a wonderful sea and a wild coastline.

A land that is often praised for its beauty. Imagine a local on top of a hill, admiring the surrounding landscape and exclaiming: "Mira che bello, il mare!" ("Look how beautiful, the sea!"). This is a Maremma saying that inspired the name of the Mira sunglasses, which invite you to turn your gaze to something beautiful.

Three boys and their dream

The founders of the Mira brand are three young men from Maremma: Gianluca, Emanuele and Francesco.

Gianluca is an industrial designer, Emanuele has a clothing store in Capalbio, and Francesco has a historic herbalist's shop in Orbetello.

Their love for their territory and a passion for eyewear was the perfect combination that gave life to a courageous and unique product.


The characteristics of the Mira sunglasses

  • They are made with natural materials, with acetate sheets created from the synthesis of cotton and cellulose pulp.
  • They are 100% Made in Italy: craftsmanship, expert hands and exclusively Italian materials.
  • Quality and design encompass all the facets of the Maremma reality.

The Maremma Model is the first tribute to the origins of the three boys, and the colours are divided into Nera, or black like the swamps that once covered this land; Amara, or bitter like a local folk song; and Striata, or striped such as the coat of the local wild boars.

Another of Mira's models is a homage to a historical and iconic figure of Maremma, the Brigante. The sunglasses embody its most authentic spirit in form and colors: Brigantello Audace, Brigantello Maculato, Brigantello Morellino, and Brigantello Nero.

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