La Sciabbica: from fishing nets to eco-sustainable Made in Italy bags


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Giglio Island is a beautiful gem off the coast of the Argentario Promontory. Part of the Tuscan Archipelago, it is surrounded by the enchanting sea with emerald shades and features the beautiful hamlets of Giglio Castello and Giglio Porto.

Sciabica fishing net (photo by Walter Torquati)The latter was home to a humble man who built fishing nets near the island's port. The name of the local fishing net is Sciabica, which derives from jábega in Spanish and šabakah in Arabic.

And the expert and patient man who created these nets by hand was David's grandfather. David used his grandfather's touching and clear memories to open his business on the port.

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From Sciabica to Sciabbica: David's Boutique

In 2013, David founded a brand that bears the name of that fishing net, praising craftsmanship: La Sciabbica.

David's Boutique is in Via Thaon de Revel n.5 in Giglio Porto, and it has always been the most colourful shop on this island. And from this year, its colours have also arrived on Argentario Store!

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Made in Italy with eco-sustainable materials

La Sciabbica offers a unique shopping experience in the name of eco-sustainability. The products are made with total respect for the environment. David has always excluded plastic, chemical additives and synthetic materials from his creations, investing only in 100% natural and organic materials.

Made in Italy: each product signed by La Sciabbica is considered unique as the expert hands of Italian artisans assemble each piece.

New in the Summer 2022 collection: the hand-woven Florentine straw bags, recognizable to the point of exclaiming: that's "La Sciabbica!" 

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