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Raimondi was founded in 1957 as a manufacturer of artisanal footwear. Today, it is represented by the third generation of master shoemakers who also specialise in the creation of handmade golf shoes.

In 2015, it was included in the book "100 Excellencies of Italy" and was among 8 Italian companies that received the Excellence of Italy award. 

The Raimondi shoes are built with 200 manual steps and characterised by full-grain calfskin, antibacterial sole by Bayer and calfskin lining – all features that make the shoe light, breathable and water-resistant.

Skilled manufacturing and fine leather

The Raimondi shoe is the result of skilled craft and fine leathers. A perfect combination that makes this product robust, flexible and, at the same time, elegant and refined. In other words, extremely recognisable.

  • Goodyear processing: sewing for the finest leathers, made by the most skilled master craftsmen.
  • Norwegian processing is one of the most complex processes requiring very long times, done exclusively by hand.
  • Black + quick processing: Technique that allows the midsole and the leather sole to be sewn together.

The shoes are made with different and precious leather. Their bottoms are in a micro-rubber compound or half Vibram rubber sole.

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Golf with the Raimondi shoes

In addition to regular walking shoes, entrepreneur and owner Raimondo Finocchi has created a golf collection. These handmade golf shoes are worn and used regularly by golf champions and celebrities.

Visit the golf shoe models available in our store, and stay tuned for new models arriving soon!

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