Organic olive oil from Argentario's beautiful valley in seaside Tuscany

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“I used to walk in the evening, after the work, before returning to my lonely house. I knew that up there, in the woods, I had someone who was my friend ... Now, when I return to the Argentario I no longer go to the port, but I go back to the mountain, to the church. I feel I am closer to friends as well as closer to God ” , said Susanna Agnelli, mayor of Monte Argentario from 1974 to 1984.

In this quote, Italian politician, businesswoman and writer Susanna Agnelli refers to the Convent of the Passionist Friars founded towards the top of Monte Argentario by St. Paul in 1937.

valle bio argentario

A dreamlike valley starts from this place of faith, worship, and meditation – starting from the mountain and gently sloping towards the sea.

Here holm oaks, cork oaks and strawberry trees grow between junipers and laurels, rosemary and myrtle. At the foot of the valley is the Orbetello Lagoon with dunes and pine forests.

raccolta olive argentario
argentario olio evo biologico

Our olive trees are located at the centre of this perfect oasis. And this is where our BioAgriCert certified oil comes from!


Our organic extra virgin olive oil (or olio EVO from Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva) is 35% Moraiolo, 35% Leccino, 20% Frantoio, 10% Caninese. Its colour is yellow topaz with green highlights.

olio extra vergine bio argentario

It is consistent on the palate and delicate on the nose.

When you taste it, clear fragrances of artichoke and cardoon emerge, the taste is lively with pleasant bitter-spicy sensations, and closes with delicious tones of Salicornia and Mimosa.

It is best appreciated with dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine. 

You can buy Argentario's organic olive oil here

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