“Caldaro Buttons” by Chef Emiliano Lombardelli

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Emiliano Lombardelli is the executive Chef of the two restaurants of the Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort. 

Talking about the dish that best represents him, the Bottoni di Caldaro, the Chef says: “Here I express that bond of memory with my land. A memory that takes me back to the days when I ate bread and sea urchins in the company of my uncle in Talamone”. Talamone is a small fishing village on the Silver Coast, southern Tuscany, next to the Argentario Promontory.

Known by all the locals as Argentario's typical fish soup, our Chef serves the Caldaro dish like a ravioli in a gourmet guise.

ricetta zuppa caldaro emiliano lombardelli

Emphasis on the sea and the triumph of fresh fish: Argentario's territory is reflected in an incredible dish signed by Emiliano Lombardelli.

Delight your palate with elegant ravioli of fresh pasta, prepared by hand and left to rest for at least two hours, combined with the magical flavour of our sea. The fish for the ravioli stuffing is browned and cooked with red wine, while outside, the dish is enhanced by freshly seared mussels, shrimps and squid. And don't forget the tasty and unique broth prepared with a drizzle of our organic extra virgin olive oil.

chef emiliano lombardelli argentario

My mother was a good cook, my brother-in-law had a fishing boat, and he brought a lot of fish home. These are unforgettable memories. Since I was a child, I used to play with pots… it was almost destined that my passion, combined with a solid family tradition, would lead to this profession ", the Chef recounts from the kitchen of the Dama Dama Restaurant.

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